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Our shop offers an exclusive selection of carefully designed products to transform your interiors. With a wide range of colors, we provide options in melamine or thermoplastic, whether in complete sets or individual items.

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Cuisi-n-art, the indispensable choice for general contractors. Our flexibility in the purchasing process and unbeatable value for money make us the ideal partner. Our trusted relationships with our partners reflect our commitment to quality solutions.

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General contractors

Cuisi-n-art offers you two options to bring your projects to life.

Option 1 – Design, conception, fabrication, livraison et installation

Our first option is designed for general contractors seeking complete assistance from the beginning to the end of the project. With this option, we collaborate with them from the initial design and conception stages to manufacturing, ensuring a seamless installation. Once the project is completed, our after-sales service takes over to address any questions and concerns. Finally, a post-installation inspection ensures quality and total satisfaction.

Option 2: Fabrication

The second alternative is perfect for general contractors with pre-existing plans. In this case, we handle the manufacturing while ensuring compliance with Cuisi-n-art’s dimensions and quality standards. This option assures that your project will be executed with our expertise and attention to detail.


Cuisi-n-art: Your space, your style, your custom cabinets.

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To benefit from Cuisi-n-art’s services for your projects, you have two simple options:

  1. If your project is more complex and requires detailed plans, you can engage a general contractor. If you don’t have one yet, we would be delighted to share our list of trusted partners with you.

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