Welcome to Cuisi-n-art!

In order to serve you best in response to high demand, our delivery times are longer than normal. For renovation projects, our team is happy to start your project and see it through to completion.

Our installation availabilities are subject to change, therefore they will be established at the time of our consultation with you. We look forward to meeting with you and realizing your dream project!

At Cuisi-n-art, each project is important and unique. That's why offering a personalized and quality service is our priority. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your understanding.

Cuisi-n-art, Living space creators!

Who is Cuisi-n-art?

Since its inception in 2007, Cuisi-n-art has continued to innovate and adapt for the needs of its customers and to market trends. Winner of the Excelor Prize from the Gatineau chambre de commerce in the SME of the Year category in 2016, Cuisi-n-art continues to propel their business to new heights!

Cuisi-n-art is involved in the design and custom manufacturing of kitchen, bathroom and vanity countertops and cabinets in the residential sector. To encourage the local economy, the raw materials we use come mainly from Quebec companies.

At Cuisi-n-art, we create living spaces!

We offer personalized design services, custom plan design, access to quality materials and advice on kitchen and bathroom design.


Mission and vision

Our primary mission is to showcase Quebec products and get people from across the province to work, while creating custom kitchen and bathroom designs that suit you.

In short, creations are made here for people from here!

Our team

Our designers working in our 5,000 square foot showroom are creative, committed, innovative and pioneering, which guarantees us a quality of designs and products that are increasingly recognized in the industry in Quebec.

Use their in-depth knowledge of design to create your wildest living spaces!



For more than 15 years, we have been supporting you with your kitchen and bathroom design projects, the way we would like to be. We strive to serve you with enthusiasm, respect and friendliness, because our passion for the design of living spaces is matched only by your satisfaction.

We partner with you, and that’s our strength!

Production growth

Having started with a minimum of manpower and machinery, the Cuisi-n-art team can now be counted among the companies that have taken the turn of 4.0. After years of dedicated work with its customers, the company’s ever-evolving production growth has led the team to develop better means of performance through new technologies. Always having as their main mission to serve its customers with high-end products supported by quality service, they have therefore focused on optimizing their machinery. It is with attention to detail that Cuisi-n-art was able to launch their brand new 4.0 technological orientation in 2021.

“We are just at the beginning and we always want to continue to improve the company and the visibility of the manufacture in Quebec!”
– Caroline Fortier, Deputy Director

The evolution of technology

After several profitability evaluations, research as well as trips abroad to learn about the different types of technologies available on the market, their team was able to turn to brand new industrial machines. Since these new investments, the percentage of machinery and automation has increased dramatically resulting in lower odds of workplace injuries and increasing production capacity to more than two and a half times! Requiring more space to service their new technology, the team was able to go even higher by opening their very first factory in 2021!

New 4.0 factory

In order to meet the growing needs of the business, a new 4.0 factory was recently opened for Cuisi-n-art in 2021! The establishment of this factory was intended to increase production, ensure that all customers are served, develop new markets and thus acquire more space in order to accommodate all new technological acquisitions.

“Cuisi-n-art is now playing in the big leagues!”
– Réal Fortier, general manager

Comparing itself to large-scale companies located across Quebec, the new 48,000 square foot Cuisi-n-art factory can now rank among the major manufacturers in Quebec. In addition to satisfying stability in performance, it is a 2 in 1 that the entire Cuisi-n-art team as well as its customers can enjoy by combining the showroom as well as the factory itself. Cuisi-n-art has always believed in its dreams and gives itself goals to put them in place and achieve them! This factory is therefore the culmination of a great collective dream!