Manufacturing and installation

Cuisi-n-art designs and manufactures custom kitchen cabinets and vanities for the residential sector. The raw materials we use come mainly from Quebec companies.


The progress of our collaboration with you in 7 steps

Step 1

It all starts with the first contact with our team of kitchen designers. You contact us and, most of the time, we agree with you on the best time to make a home visit and take the first measurements.

Step 2

It is your turn to come and visit us in our showroom. This is the ideal time to touch materials and finishes and choose colors. Based on the information you have provided us, we will send you a quote based on your estimate and specifications.

Step 3

We invite you to sign the work contract and we will give you the schedule, including the installation date.

Step 4

During a second home visit, we come to take the measurement by a professional. We then adjust the plans to adapt them to these more precise measures.

Step 5

The plans are sent to our Gatineau factory to start manufacturing the kitchen or bathroom. We proceed with the material purchase and cutting. The machining of the parts will then begin.

Step 6

Delivery is guaranteed the day before the installation date. Our technicians perform the installation in 1 to 3 days depending on the materials and the amount of work. For example, quartz countertops require a longer installation that can take between 5 and 10 business days. The installation is followed by a first inspection by the people who carried out the work.

Step 7

24 to 48 hours after installation, we use a neutral professional inspector to carry out a second inspection. This additional step is intended to detect defects and small imperfections that would have gone unnoticed the first time.

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