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What is a kitchen designer

What is a kitchen designer?

The design of custom kitchens, bathrooms and storage cabinets requires in-depth skills and knowledge that extend well beyond the field of interior design.

Cuisi-n-art’s kitchen designers stand out in 3 ways.


1. Attention to detail and problem-solving skills

As Leonardo da Vinci said so well, details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail! Throughout their training and career, Cuisi-n-art’s kitchen designers have used their problem-solving skills and attention to detail in each of their kitchen and bathroom design projects.


2. In-depth knowledge of the construction industry

During their training, these design specialists developed knowledge of the construction industry, materials, standards and laws in force in this industry. This knowledge allows them to make recommendations to their clients to carry out their living space design project. At Cuisi-n-art, we particularly value teamwork. That’s why we spend a lot of time discussing in groups to find the optimal solutions, innovate and best meet the needs of our clients. Cuisi-n-art’s three owners are very involved and willing to put their in-depth knowledge of the business at the company’s service.


3. Close collaboration with our clients

Kitchen designers are professionals who work with their clients to discuss all aspects of creating, renovating or updating their home’s kitchen or bathroom.

At Cuisi-n-art, we discuss building materials, themes, colors, finishes and room layouts with you. Based on your wishes and dreams, we make sketches and drawings that will serve as a plan for your living space. Once you start a renovation project, we work with your contractor to install countertops and other storage cabinets, while ensuring that your project is on budget.