Bathroom design

The bathroom: Turning the daily ritual into a unique experience

Today’s bathroom no longer has to be cramped or purely utilitarian! The new bathroom contributes to your well-being and is comfortable and cosy. Have you decided to offer yourself a bathroom renovation that reflects your image? Trust the professionals at Cuisi-n-art. Redoing the bathroom is an exciting project that will improve your quality of life on a daily basis. Get started now!

Let yourself be seduced by the elegant and ingenious bathrooms in our vast showroom or make an appointment at home for a free evaluation with the specialists at Cuisi-n-art.


A wide variety of materials for custom vanities

At Cuisi-n-art, we ensure that our materials are of impeccable quality. Thanks to the strong partnerships we have built with our suppliers, we offer an impressive variety of styles and colours. This variety ensures that the vanities we build will truly suit you, no matter what your taste or budget is. Whether you want a modest vanity to furnish your bathroom in the traditional style or a modern one for your luxurious bathroom, Cuisi-n-art has the skills, knowledge and talent to satisfy your wildest dreams.

Attention to detail for better ergonomics

What makes a bathroom pleasant to use and a source of well-being? The scent of candles, the dimming of lights, the softness of towels…? In part! But what makes a room truly peaceful are the small, harmless things and details, such as the dimensions of the vanity or the position of the fittings. This is why our kitchen designers attach great importance to it to ensure your comfort and the ergonomics of the room.

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Examples of bathroom vanities built by Cuisi-n-art