New homes information

Submission for your new home

Do you want to take the necessary steps to build your new kitchen? Cuisi-n-art has put together some steps to follow in order to help you make your dream ideas come true.

Step 1- Budget Price

First, you will need a budget price for your bank loan. This initial step will help determine the execution of your construction project.

A) The Cuisi-n-art team will be pleased to make your submission to the bank of your choice. To do so, you will need to provide us with your total desired budget that we will need to get pre-approved.

B) In order to prevent unforeseen events, inflation of material costs or problems related to the construction site, Cuisi-n-art invites you to include an additional amount of funds. This will serve as insurance for your kitchen or any other construction in progress.

C) Once the total amount has been determined, a submission will be sent to you with the amounts discussed.

* Please note: in order to speed up the process and help us assist you completely, we invite you to email us a PDF of your plans. Once sent, we will be able to determine, according to your plans, what will be realizable. In particular, this will allow our team to evaluate a concrete base price for you. *

Step 2- Once your loan is approved

A) Once the loan is approved, you will need to provide us with a start date for the project.

B) Once the date is set, our team will make an appointment with you. The appointment will allow us to follow up with you and present you with the current drawings.

Depending on your budget and the design, our meetings will allow us to determine the materials that will be used and the construction plans that are right for you. Your contribution in the creative process will be requested to ensure that everything unfolds to your taste. Moreover, direct contact will allow us to make modifications if necessary and to receive copies of plans.

The Cuisi-n-art team is very happy to assist you in the realization of your project!

Our ingenious tips

It is strongly recommended that you have a copy of the final plans with you as soon as the foundation work begins on your house. This will allow your various crafts (electricity, plumbing, ventilation, etc.) to coordinate their work during the construction of the structure.

Depending on the materials chosen, please allow 4-8 weeks after the final measurements are taken to receive your kitchen.